To make getting solar as easy as 1,2,3. We have listed the most common questions we regularly get asked! If there are still any questions you have about Perth Solar panels, feel free to give us a call!

Can I install solar on a flat roof?
Yes, Solar Naturally can install a solar panel system on a flat roof or provide advanced solar tilt frames if required.

How long does an installation take? (To do properly with no shortcuts!)
1.5 kW – 3 – 4 Hours
3 kW – 5 -6 Hours
5 kW – 7-8 Hours

Where should my panels be facing for optimum efficiency?
Our design consultants will design a layout which will be most efficient depending on your roof layout and orientation. Solar power systems can be installed on roofs that face north, east and west. With the use of our advanced solar inverters our solar systems can be also split over multiple areas of the roof.

What size solar system do I need?
Every business and household will be different with their power requirements. We recommend you talk to one of our solar experts who can tell you what the most suitable system would be. Feel free to also use our simple solar energy calculator which will give you a suitable system size.
A few factors to take into consideration are
– Your current consumption and the way you use electricity
– Your future needs
– How many panels will fit on your roof

Do I need planning approval?
No you do not, but if you are part of a strata agreement, you may require approval from the body corporate prior to the solar panels installation.

What do I have to do after I sign up?
After you get started with us, there is nothing to do! We take care of all the paperwork on your behalf. (We know that no-one wants any hassles!)

We will lodge the Synergy renewable energy buyback scheme application on your behalf and also all required Western Power applications on your behalf. These applications will also facilitate your meter change.

A member of our team will then contact you to book an installation as soon as an approval is received from Western Power. You don’t need to lift a finger!

Will a solar PV system work in conjunction with my solar hot water system?
No, a solar PV system does not work in conjunction with a solar hot water system. A solar panels system will only produce electricity for use by electrical items.

Can a solar panel system store the electricity produced for later use?
When used in conjunction with our battery systems your solar system can store electricity. The electricity stored can be used during night hours or during hours where you are using more electricity than your solar system can provide.

What happens to my solar system at night?
Solar panel systems only generate electricity when exposed to UV light. Electricity is not produced at night. You will draw the required power from the electrical grid network during the night. However, if you have our battery system installed then you will be able to draw electricity from this source!

What will happen during a power blackout?
In the event of a power blackout, your solar PV system will stop producing electricity. This mandatory safety measure is imposed to protect people working on the blacked-out grid system. As soon as power is reinstated, the ability to generate electricity will be restored. (You may need to reset the circuit breaker)

What happens during cloudy days?
The performance of solar panels is affected by cloud cover, however our tier 1 solar modules are designed to work well in low light. If the solar panels do not generate enough electricity for your consumption due to high cloud cover, then you will use electricity from the electrical grid.

Why does my solar inverter stop working at night?
Due to nightfall and the lack of UV light, the solar panels cannot produce any power for the inverter to convert into electricity. Thus, the solar inverter will shut itself off during night hours, Don’t worry, as it will switch itself on again when UV light returns in the morning.

Will you use a qualified electrician to install my solar system?
All of our solar installers are qualified and licensed electricians who are also accredited by Clean Energy Council of Australia for design and installation of your solar system.

Does the solar system require maintenance?
Solar systems are close to maintenance free. You may have to hose down the solar panels now and then to get rid of dirt. Our panels are traditionally installed on a tilt which means it will clean itself when it rains.