Comparison between the brands we trust

We have put together a simple chart to compare the top solar panels we trust. If you are are looking for a reliable solar panel that is going to stand the test of time, check if they meet our stringent quality control criterias.

GCL Solar, ET Solar and Qcells are all top tier 1 manufacturers who have been used in large scale projects all over the world and gone through vigrous R&D and field testing. This means that they will outperform the cheaper solar panels time and time again.

Tier 1 Bloomberg Rating (Less than 2% of solar manufacturers are Tier 1)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Years Established> 25 Years>12 Years>18 Years
Product Warranty10 Years10 Years12 Years
Performance Warranty (25 Years)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Linear Performance Warranty (No more than 0.7% degradation per year)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Manufactured for Australian conditionsgreen_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Self Cleaning Glassgreen_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Positive Power Tolerance (Will only produce up to 5 W more than stated. Never Less)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Genuine Multi Contact Connectors (MC4)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Junction Box IP Rating (IP67)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick
Third Party Insurance (Warranty Protection by 3rd Party)green_tickgreen_tickgreen_tick